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    Creating your company profile

    Can I use different languages in my profile?

    At this moment we only support English as this is the main language in our Maritime Services Directory magazine. If your website is multi-language we suggest you put links to your website on your Maritime Services Directory profile.

    Is my profile visible on Google?

    Yes. Your profile will be available for Google and other search engines.

    Can I edit my company profile multiple times?

    Yes. You can change your profile whenever you wish. Only not during the short time we are gathering information from the site for the magazine. This will be announced so that you are aware beforehand.

    What information appears in the magazine?

    The “About us” page is the information we use in the Maritime Services Directory.

    The other tabs, such as Our Services, Video, Speciality and Team are exclusive to the online directory.

    What image resolution is used for the magazine?

    The image(s) that are used for the magazine must have a minimum of 300 dpi. It is best if you are able to supply a large image, which we can then scale accordingly.

    We always use the best and sharpest images for the magazine!

    Is the magazine an “exact” duplicate of the online information?

    The information is always examined before it is printed. The image size and the text spaces in the magazine may vary a slightly.


    How can I use the search bar?

    You can just type and while completing the words the search field will scan the database. You need only to type in the first 4-5 letters to find what you are looking for.