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    Van der Leun is a global player in the market for the maritime, dredging and offshore industry. 

    We expand our offices around the world, and developed a strong 24/7 service network to support all our customers. 

    Van der Leun is dedicated to serving its customers locally on a worldwide basis. We call that ‘Global reliability’.

    Thanks to our long history of innovation onboard of vessels, van der Leun is a partner with extensive experience in the field of smart project-oriented solutions.

    Van der Leun is your specialist in the design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of reliable and efficient electrical systems

    In addition, we uniformly guarantee and develop all our acquired knowledge conform the philosophy of operational simplicity.  

    That is what makes us the global specialist in the field of maritime system integration.


    Worldwide strategic maintenance from inventory to planning & execution

    – Defining spare part lists by sales engineers

    – Refit & upgrading of engines & systems

    – Planned & unplanned corrective & preventive maintenance

    – Global services from a worldwide network


    Van der Leun has delivered over 40,000 different parts to Costumers all around the world. Our service always comes with detailed technical advice about the best product for your project or installation.

    – Engineering & service support resulting in practical spare part lists

    – Qualitative & competitive products and prices and always a quick response

    – Frame agreements possibilities for efficient administrative & logistical processes

    – Logistical handling, sorting & markings, packing & shipping


    Van der Leun branches can be found from Romania to Singapore, and from Dubai tot Vietnam. Thanks to this global network, we can serve all our customers on a 24/7 local basis. We secure and develop all local know-how in a uniform manner.

    STI B.V.

    Sludge Treatment International B.V. is the exclusive Arenal distributor worldwide for the dredging & tunneling industry, implementing and commissioning the instruments around the globe.

    Non-nuclear density analyser
    STI is proud to present a new generation non-nuclear density meter. STI-Arenal non-nuclear density analysers based on ultrasonic technology. After years of being successful as the only alternative for nuclear technology in density measurement of abrasive slurries we introduce the STI-Arenal non-nuclear slurry density analyser.
    Ultrasonic Sonochemistry is an acoustical physical property technology, offering long term stability. High energy pulses are induced into the piezo element: an ultrasonic wave arises and propagates through the sensor and the slurry: the reflections from the interface between the element and the slurry, as well as from the reflector are measured.
    The reflection properties change due to the temperature and the properties of the slurry, of which density is one. All acoustic properties are read by the process control analyzer (PCA). In the PCA the concentration of the slurry is calculated.

    More information:

    UFM-50 ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter (Doppler)
    The UFM-50 is ideal for contaminated or aerated liquids containing more than 10% solids or air bubbles, as a result of which other types of flowmeters are quickly damaged. This ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter is recommended for full pipes and any fluid that contains solids or bubbles, like wastewater, chemicals, acids, slurries, abrasives and viscous liquids. 

    Because the sensor of the UFM-50 is mounted on the exterior of the pipe or tube, it can not be affected by the medium inside. 

    More information:

    STI digital yieldmeter
    The STI digital yieldmeter is combining the SDM and the STI flowmeter in one clear screen. The overview gives you a comfortable tool en enables you to maximize the dredging efficiency. The meter shows the density in tons per m3, flow in meters per second and the production in tons per second. 

    More information:


    Saltwater Engineering provides customized engineering solutions for the naval and offshore industry. Founded in 2007 by four highly driven naval engineers who wanted to offer outstanding out-of-the-box engineering services. Our team of full skilled professionals who together form a specialized naval engineering agency active in all markets related to the naval industry: yachting, offshore, repair, heavy lift and commercial shipping. Our services include:

    Vessel design: designing and building a vessel is a complex task. We are able to provide a complete solution, from structural engineering to finite elements analysis and from wave load to intact and damage stability analysis.

    Mobilisation engineering: we can design and execute vessel conversions, perform equipment performance and integration analysis and provide you with seafastening calculations and design.

    Transport engineering: sea transportation of equipment comes with engineering challenges. We can deliver wave load analysis, FMEA and seafastening calculations for all kinds of vessels and cargo equipment within a short time frame.

    On-site services: when a project requires on-site assistance to ensure quick and correct progress, Saltwater Engineering provides numerous on-site services to ship and fabrication yards, shipping and offshore companies and yacht builders.

    Engineering support: a flexible solution for peak shaving of overload in-house engineering. Everybody knows that when running a project you can be faced with challenging deadlines and the need for additional resources to meet such requirements. Having engineers at our office will save you office space and also possible idle time any secondment agency will charge one of their engineers on-site.


    Safe and Reliable Energy & Data Management Systems
    Especially in ports and terminals everything needs to be reliable when operating 24/7 365 days per year. Energy and Data Management systems play a very crucial role in these operations and they receive special attention by operators, as well as by equipment manufacturers and consulting engineers. 

    Since the introduction of containers as the standardized solutions for transporting cargo, Conductix-Wampfler has provided engineered solutions that enable the container handling equipment to operate safely and reliable and has always been in very close contact with the industry to develop and to optimize the range of solutions for this vital industry. 

    Conductix-Wampfler is a leading supplier of mobile energy supply and data management systems with the broadest range of products that meet the most challenging demands of port equipment – all from one source. The range of solutions include cable festoon systems, motor driven cable reels, conductor rail systems, slip ring assemblies, energy guiding chains, contactless power transfer, cable protection systems, safe and reliable data transmission via fiber optics or wireless through ProfiDAT®, the slotted waveguide solution, or full-electrification, battery or hybrid solutions for RTGs.

    As large ports and container terminals also have a significant environmental impact, a shift to more environmentally friendly equipment is ongoing. With the development of eco-friendly, electric solutions for port machinery, Conductix-Wampfler is one of the key innovators and trusted partners in deploying ecological technologies as well as solutions for automation into the container handling industry.


    The first company in the Amokabel group was established in 1992. By focusing on technological development and modernization, we have organically managed to build a very profitable and successful group. Our constant pursuit of growth has resulted in several new companies active in the manufacturing and distribution of cable. At the same time, we have invested in renewable energy; solar power, wind power and hydro power. Amokabel has today a total production area of 35 000m². 

    Initially, Amokabel engaged solely in sales in Sweden. Today, the majority of sales are in export sales. Together with our own sales offices and extensive agent and distribution network, we always have a global presence.

    Our business is characterized by innovation. Everything starts with an understanding of the needs of customers or consumers. The need for cable is constantly changing and modern times require new solutions. Structures, conductors, plastics and packaging are evaluated constantly and are continuously changing.

    Unlike our competitors, we can manufacture special cables with short lead time and according to specific customer volumes. We have low requirements for minimum volumes and we can easily reset production for a quick delivery. Several of our 500 customers have special requirements regarding volume or packaging and we are the best supplier in the market that can meet these needs.


    WASI GmbH is an internationally operating company with headquarters in Wuppertal and sales offices in Belgium, Denmark and Spain. With over 55 years’ experience as a wholesaler on the market, we have the widest range of stainless steel fasteners available.

    Duplex – Simply strong in the maritime sector

    At the beginning of 2018, the WASI product range was extended by articles made of the duplex material 1.4462 in order to meet all market requirements and customer wishes. Above all, the clear advantages and various application possibilities have made Duplex a popular product among customers, especially in the maritime sector. It meets the highest requirements with regard to quality, corrosion resistance, its high PREN value and long-term strength. Duplex is therefore the ideal material, with regard to maritime applications in particular.

    Duplex fasteners are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as marine technology – for example onshore, offshore, shipbuilding, swimming pools and pool construction. The WASI Duplex range includes hexagon socket screws, as well as hexagon nuts, threaded rods, washers, spring washers and chains.

    WASI GTS – Storm-tested and seaworthy

    The first anchor tackle system in the history of boat building approved by Germanischer Lloyd was created by WASI. The WASI GTS (Ground Tackle System) was designed as a primary safety system for yachts and is made of guaranteed high-quality stainless steel right down to the last detail.

    The WASI Power Ball, a high-strength connection with ball joint between anchor and chain, provides the necessary freedom of movement. In combination with chains made of stainless steel A4 or Duplex, as well as premium quality accessories with breaking loads above the standard, you can anchor anywhere safely.


    In the course of more than five decades, the Stauff Group has achieved the status of world-leading full-service provider in fluid and hydraulic line components with a focus on fastening systems, connectors and filtration. More than 1,400 employees develop and manufacture a range of more than 40,000 standard components with a consistently high level of quality.

    The origin of this portfolio is the legendary Stauff Clamp which is available in a variety of types for maritime applications – for shipbuilding and yachting (Adhesive Bonded Fastening), but also as a special anti-corrosion version for the fastening of stainless-steel pipework in offshore equipment (ACT series).

    Another clamp type especially designed for maritime technologies is a noise-reducing series (NRC) which dampens the noise created by fluid-transporting pipes and tubes and thus contributes to on-board comfort for staff and passengers.

    Apart from the clamps portfolio, Stauff offers a broad range of components and systems for the handling of hydraulic and other fluids, including flanges, hose connectors and quick-release couplings and valves. Important series like the 24° tube connectors and the Stauff Connect range of metric tube connectors have been approved by maritime certification organisations (Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV).

    Complementary Stauff product ranges, e.g. for filtration and testing, are also widely used in maritime applications. This is documented by products such as our very compact mobile filtration/ cleaning unit which was developed specifically for use in confined spaces on ships.

    Typical for Stauff´s market “system supplier” approach is the range of high-level machines for the assembly of connectors – and the “Stauff Line” service offering, which ensures the on-demand delivery of custom-designed and ready-to-install hydraulic lines. The international maritime industry is served by a network of distributors and wholly-owned manufacturing facilities, distribution bases and warehouses in 18 countries worldwide.


    Sensor solutions from SICK

    When you have to keep your distance on board

    Classification societies have introduced a new certification for preventing infection in the maritime industry. SICK offers assistance with intelligent LiDAR sensor technology combined with the new SICK SensorApps PeopleCounter and DistanceGuard to help shipping companies satisfy health requirements. By counting persons in defined free and closed spaces and by ensuring the recommended minimum distance, SICK offers sensor solutions that do not process personal information. Shipowners thus also ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Due to the complexity of a ship, stricter hygiene standards are nearly impossible to uphold without technical support. SICK has created new solutions for this challenge that shipping companies can use to keep an eye on the maximum utilization of areas and the minimum distance between persons.

    The PeopleCounter − finding free space
    The number of people can be counted immediately with each scan to determine how many people are on the pool deck, in a restaurant, in an elevator or in the entertainment section. The area can be defined to fit the requirements. The PeopleCounter is a SensorApp developed by SICK that enables anonymous data processing and differentiation of people from objects. The MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor generates the measurement data and the integrated app reliably identifies people using their contours. This means only people are counted, while objects are blanked out. Specific personal information is not recorded during the process. Thanks to the four layers of the sensor, the directions of movement of people are clearly identified and the current utilization of defined zones can be monitored, even large areas with different entrances and exits. The recorded data is output via telegrams and digital outputs.

    The DistanceGuard − preventing crowds
    The DistanceGuard SensorApp, in combination with the TiM8xx 2D LiDAR sensor, can detect the distance between two people. This is especially useful in environments with recommended minimum distances between people. As soon as the minimum distance is undercut, an optical or acoustic signal can be triggered via output.

    SICK offers more for the security of people and ships

    With over 40,000 products and its intelligent solutions, SICK is not only at home in maritime environments. SICK is one of the world’s leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications in factory, logistics and process automation.


    Maritime Support Vlissingen (MSV) was founded in August 2018 and aims at the rapidly growing demand for tender services in the southern North Sea region.
    As the number of offshore windfarms grows so does the interest in tender services, but similar servicing is needed for example for crew changes and store supplies for all kinds of vessels.

    Broad range of services
    From its location, MSV can swiftly and flexibly service a wide area from Vlissingen offering tender services for which they use their own vessels and vessels rented from DCS Maritime. These tenders are not used just for crew changes, but also for bringing marine surveyors on board of vessels for inspection. The services provided are for their own customers, as well as for shipping agents. Apart from these services, MSV also offers CTV mooring space, office space, and storage and transshipment facilities for equipment and spare parts to third parties.

    New offices and warehousing
    The company has advanced plans for a new building for offices and warehousing at the Binnenhaven in Vlissingen. This prime location allows for good quick access to their own vessels. The Binnenhaven is close to the city of Vlissingen and within a stone’s throw from the train station, which is very convenient for MSV’s customers. Apart from this, the location gives MSV an excellent proposition as it is relatively close to the North Sea offshore windfarms and the oil and gas fields.

    With the planned newbuild premises, the company can further extend its onshore services to customers as well. In this new building, customers will find up-to-date and first-class individual offices and storage space, along with shared facilities. Using skilled technicians from within the company, MSV also offers maintenance and repair services to vessels. Upon request, the company will furthermore have available space to provide accommodation.


    Hydrex offers turnkey underwater repair solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. Hydrex’s multidisciplinary team will help shipowners find the best solution for any problem encountered with their ships below the water line. We will immediately mobilise our diver/technicians to any location around the globe to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

    We have a long and successful track record of performing complex permanent underwater repairs to thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals and damaged or corroded hulls. In fact, we pioneered most of these more complex operations which once used to require drydocking, but can now be carried out with the vessel afloat. By creating drydock-like conditions around the affected area, our teams can carry out these operations on vessels in port or at anchor. This permits normal commercial activities to continue without disruption, eliminating the loss of time, production and income that drydocking entails, as well as saving the enormous expense of drydocking itself.

    All the projects we undertake are engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and third-party suppliers. They begin with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater repair, continue through design and construction of customised equipment and go all the way through to successful execution of the repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up.

    All Hydrex divers are trained and qualified to perform the full range of class-approved repair procedures in even the harshest conditions. We have found that an effective, competent team is the only way to consistently achieve a high-quality result in the short periods of time usually available to ships.

    Through an ever-expanding, worldwide network of offices, Hydrex can provide these start-to-finish solutions economically at any location. Headquartered in the Belgian port of Antwerp, we have offices in Rotterdam, Tampa (U.S.A) and Algeciras (Spain).

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