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    WASI GmbH is an internationally operating company with headquarters in Wuppertal and sales offices in Belgium, Denmark and Spain. With over 55 years’ experience as a wholesaler on the market, we have the widest range of
    stainless steel fasteners available.

    Duplex – Simply strong in the maritime sector

    At the beginning of 2018, the WASI product range was extended by articles made of the duplex material 1.4462 in order to meet all market requirements and customer wishes. Above all, the clear advantages and various application possibilities have made Duplex a popular product among customers, especially in the maritime sector. It meets the highest requirements with regard to quality, corrosion resistance, its high PREN value and long-term strength. Duplex is therefore the ideal material, with regard to maritime applications in particular.

    Duplex fasteners are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as marine technology – for example onshore, offshore, shipbuilding, swimming pools and pool construction. The WASI Duplex range includes hexagon socket screws, as well as hexagon nuts, threaded rods, washers, spring washers and chains.

    WASI GTS – Storm-tested and seaworthy

    The first anchor tackle system in the history of boat building approved by Germanischer Lloyd was created by WASI. The WASI GTS (Ground Tackle System) was designed as a primary safety system for yachts and is made of guaranteed high-quality stainless steel right down to the last detail.

    The WASI Power Ball, a high-strength connection with ball joint between anchor and chain, provides the necessary freedom of movement. In combination with chains made of stainless steel A4 or Duplex, as well as premium quality accessories with breaking loads above the standard, you can anchor anywhere safely.


    Since the establishment of Suhbo Industrial Co.,Ltd (Suhbo) in 1985, Suhbo has professionally manufactured high performance, polyester round slings and belt slings customised to the order specifications of our customers. All our products are manufactured in the best quality through high and strict level of quality management system and effective production management.

    Suhbo is the top leading Korean manufacturer and supplier of high-performance round slings for heavy & shipping building industries. Since 2005, we have been mainly supplying high performance round slings to major heavy industries companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industry, Samsung Heavy Industry, DSME.

    Our major product Suprime round sling with Ultra-powerful Poly Arylate fiber is highly recognized from many customers due to its excellent performance, the maximum lightening, the optimum handing efficiency (slim in size) and optional functions such as anti-cutting, anti-flame and multi-checking.

    Especially, Suprime Multi round sling has a special function which customers can check the fatigue and safety of sling easily. As electrically conductive wires are inserted inside core of the sling, the condition of the inner thread can be easily known by checking the resistance at the terminal attached on the surface using a resistant tester.

    For the best product quality, Suhbo is executing strict quality management system by stage over the whole production process of the company from design, sewing, assembly and inspection to final packing and shipment.

    As safety certification marks, Suhbo has acquired “S” mark of Korea, “ISO 9001:2015”, Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) mark. In addition, Suhbo has kept DNV type approval for round slings since 2014. Currently, Suhbo is processing for CE mark and JIS B 8811:2015 for High performance round slings.

    Suhbo beeld2

    Suhbo has been expanding its market into Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As a part of overseas marketing, Suhbo set up own sales office in Australia in 2018 and has joined an overseas branch project cooperated with Korea Trade Organization (KOTRA) since 2017. Currently, Suhbo is in cooperation with Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brussel (Belgium), Hamburg (German), London (UK), Toronto (Canada) and Taipei (Taiwan) offices of KOTRA.

    In addition, Suhbo has regularly had a booth to promote its products at Lifting exhibitions such as Liftex (UK) and AWRF (USA). Suhbo will have a booth again in Liftex 2019 Milton Keynes, UK from 13-14 November, 2019.


    In the course of more than five decades, the Stauff Group has achieved the status of world-leading full-service provider in fluid and hydraulic line components with a focus on fastening systems, connectors and filtration. More than 1,400 employees develop and manufacture a range of more than 40,000 standard components with a consistently high level of quality.

    The origin of this portfolio is the legendary Stauff Clamp which is available in a variety of types for maritime applications – for shipbuilding and yachting (Adhesive Bonded Fastening), but also as a special anti-corrosion version for the fastening of stainless-steel pipework in offshore equipment (ACT series).

    Another clamp type especially designed for maritime technologies is a noise-reducing series (NRC) which dampens the noise created by fluid-transporting pipes and tubes and thus contributes to on-board comfort for staff and passengers.

    Apart from the clamps portfolio, Stauff offers a broad range of components and systems for the handling of hydraulic and other fluids, including flanges, hose connectors and quick-release couplings and valves. Important series like the 24° tube connectors and the Stauff Connect range of metric tube connectors have been approved by maritime certification organisations (Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV).

    Complementary Stauff product ranges, e.g. for filtration and testing, are also widely used in maritime applications. This is documented by products such as our very compact mobile filtration/ cleaning unit which was developed specifically for use in confined spaces on ships.

    Typical for Stauff´s market “system supplier” approach is the range of high-level machines for the assembly of connectors – and the “Stauff Line” service offering, which ensures the on-demand delivery of custom-designed and ready-to-install hydraulic lines. The international maritime industry is served by a network of distributors and wholly-owned manufacturing facilities, distribution bases and warehouses in 18 countries worldwide.


    Factory, logistics and process automation: SICK is a leading sensor manufacturer and provides sensors and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents and preventing damage to the environment.

    Founded in 1946 by Dr.-Ing. h.c. Erwin Sick, the company, with headquarters in Waldkirch/Germany, ranks among the technological market leaders. With more than 50 subsidiaries and equity invest-
    ments as well as numerous agencies, SICK maintains a presence all around the globe. In the fiscal year 2018, SICK had about 10,000 employees worldwide and achieved Group sales of just under EUR 1.6 billion.

    Sensor intelligence – for all requirements
    SICK’s product range includes over 40,000 sensors for a wide array of applications and therefore offers the right product for any task, thus meeting challenges including those within the shipping industry:

    Process and emissions monitoring
    SICK analysis solutions monitor and check emission limit values and the emission of pollutants into the environment. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is gaining importance in driving ship engines. That is why vibration-resistant gas-flow metres are becoming more important for optimal engine control and the fiscal accounting of gas consumption.

    Object detection system at and on ships
    SICK sensors secure locked access areas on board and visualise the length of stay, movement direction and movement speed of persons and groups and analyse the movement profiles of the public in real time. With SICK 3D LiDAR sensors, reliable man-overboard systems are implemented and help to save lives.

    Hazard detection
    It’s important to detect hazards in a timely manner. SICK sensors detect vehicles at risk of fire before the journey begins, enabling prompt withdrawal. Hazardous goods signs on trucks are automatically read and classified. Anti-collision systems prevent crashes with fixed and moving objects in the portal crane area.

    Sick beeld2

    Loading and unloading
    SICK sensors measure the volume of bulk goods on conveyor belts as well as the levels in containers and tanks. There is a suitable solution even for the measurement of the oxygen content of inert gases in bunkers and loading ships with fuels or chemicals.

    Service and maintenance
    SICK is a one-stop shop for a complete range of services – expert advice, detailed project planning and engineering, installation, commissioning and uncomplicated maintenance and repair.


    Safety expertise
    The power of PreAcc is our ability to offer unique, intelligent safety-system solutions.


    Mission of Preacc


    Preacc’s unique core technology. High sensitive EM/RF technology


    Efficiency solutions


    Preacc detection and alert trigger signal technologies
    Precision in risk assessment and detection is essential for an efficient safety system. PreAcc develops highly sensitive RF/EM technologies and has developed long and short-range, high-precision, RF/EM extremely low energy-based detection for the detection of the risk of collisions and/or the risk of dangerous exposure for workers (such as overhead loads), environment, operations, human factor and site specificity to ensure maximum efficiency.


    Methods of alerting
    PreAcc system solutions can interface with machinery, alert operators, supervisors, workers etc.


    Maritime Support Vlissingen (MSV) was founded in August 2018 and aims at the rapidly growing demand for tender services in the southern North Sea region.
    As the number of offshore windfarms grows so does the interest in tender services, but similar servicing is needed for example for crew changes and store supplies for all kinds of vessels.

    Broad range of services
    From its location, MSV can swiftly and flexibly service a wide area from Vlissingen offering tender services for which they use their own vessels and vessels rented from DCS Maritime. These tenders are not used just for crew changes, but also for bringing marine surveyors on board of vessels for inspection. The services provided are for their own customers, as well as for shipping agents. Apart from these services, MSV also offers CTV mooring space, office space, and storage and transshipment facilities for equipment and spare parts to third parties.

    New offices and warehousing
    The company has advanced plans for a new building for offices and warehousing at the Binnenhaven in Vlissingen. This prime location allows for good quick access to their own vessels. The Binnenhaven is close to the city of Vlissingen and within a stone’s throw from the train station, which is very convenient for MSV’s customers. Apart from this, the location gives MSV an excellent proposition as it is relatively close to the North Sea offshore windfarms and the oil and gas fields.

    With the planned newbuild premises, the company can further extend its onshore services to customers as well. In this new building, customers will find up-to-date and first-class individual offices and storage space, along with shared facilities. Using skilled technicians from within the company, MSV also offers maintenance and repair services to vessels. Upon request, the company will furthermore have available space to provide accommodation.


    Kooiman Marine Group – the result of working together.

    Kooiman Marine Group is an independent group of multidisciplinary shipbuilders with a huge capacity for problem solving. Technical expertise and an eye for quality form the basis for ships made precisely to size.
    We offer efficient, complete services in the maritime area.

    Kooiman Marine Group is independent and charts its own course. We listen and think along with you, and guarantee a strong customer relationship. Together we can arrive at well-considered, tailored solutions which stand out due to their functionality and innovativeness. We can do that because we navigate outside the normal frameworks for specific customers and situations. With our entrepreneurial spirit we respond to new technologies and developments.

    Kooiman Marine Group invests continually in product innovation and engineering. We strive for a result, for satisfied repeat customers and for the delivery of progressive and distinctive value to the maritime sector.

    Kooiman Marine Group is highly experienced in the repair of major and minor damage to inland vessels, seagoing vessels and fishing boats. With your vessel in for maintenance or repair on one of our various slipways or in the docks, you will be free of worries and high and dry. Kooiman Marine Group offers a complete package of services at their three shipyards. Besides metalworking and bench work, Kooiman Marine Group can quickly put its own electricians, HVAC technicians and carpenters to work. Short lines of communication and efficient scheduling guarantee fast turnaround, getting you back on course at full steam.

    Strategic locations Shipyard Gebr. Kooiman BV in Zwijndrecht: easy access from the big rivers. Shipyard Kooiman Hoebee BV in Dordrecht: central intersection of the major waterways. Shipyard Kooiman Van Os BV in Yerseke: heart of the mussel fishing industry on the Oosterschelde.

    Services Maritime design, Ship renovation and conversion, Ship newbuild, Ship repair and maintenance, Electrical engineering, Interior carpentry work, Pipe fitting, Bench work, Steel and aluminium construction, HVAC department.

    Possibilities Modern slipway facilities, stem-stern docks, construction under cover, design and engineering department, engineering workshop, electrical engineering division, interior carpentry work.


    Hydrex offers turnkey underwater repair solutions to shipowners wherever and whenever they are needed. Hydrex’s multidisciplinary team will help shipowners find the best solution for any problem encountered with their ships below the water line. We will immediately mobilise our diver/technicians to any location around the globe to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

    We have a long and successful track record of performing complex permanent underwater repairs to thrusters, propellers, rudders, stern tube seals and damaged or corroded hulls. In fact, we pioneered most of these more complex operations which once used to require drydocking, but can now be carried out with the vessel afloat. By creating drydock-like conditions around the affected area, our teams can carry out these operations on vessels in port or at anchor. This permits normal commercial activities to continue without disruption, eliminating the loss of time, production and income that drydocking entails, as well as saving the enormous expense of drydocking itself.

    All the projects we undertake are engineered and carried out in close cooperation with the customer and third-party suppliers. They begin with evaluating the feasibility of an underwater repair, continue through design and construction of customised equipment and go all the way through to successful execution of the repair or replacement and subsequent follow-up.

    All Hydrex divers are trained and qualified to perform the full range of class-approved repair procedures in even the harshest conditions. We have found that an effective, competent team is the only way to consistently achieve a high-quality result in the short periods of time usually available to ships.

    Through an ever-expanding, worldwide network of offices, Hydrex can provide these start-to-finish solutions economically at any location. Headquartered in the Belgian port of Antwerp, we have offices in Rotterdam, Tampa (U.S.A) and Algeciras (Spain).


    Hillebrand is a division unit of ASK Romein with two Dutch sites – in Middelburg and Vlissingen. We fabricate and deliver complex steel constructions for the offshore and maritime sector and we have many years of experience in bridge, roadway and waterway construction.

    We provide the full range of facilities: yards adjacent to deep water with extensive loading and unloading docks, large storage and production capacity, and staff with specific offshore-related training. We impose the highest demands when executing our projects. Our people, their expertise and our fully equipped workplace guarantee the best quality for the complex constructions we engineer and build. High-quality materials and specialist welding techniques are absolutely necessary to produce structures that remain safe under the most extreme conditions. We also realise projects under the watchful eye of Lloyd’s and DNV GL. They perform quality checks, procedures and construction sequence throughout the whole fabrication process as an independent party.

    The current market demands fast and efficient action and Hillebrand is able to respond to this due to our flexibility. If necessary, we can fabricate at several locations simultaneously and we can call on our other ASK Romein sites for extra staff, materials and semi-finished products. Consequently, we are able to turn around a large amount of work in a short period of time and we can guarantee that the agreed deadlines will be met, which is extremely important in our sector.

    Hillebrand was one of the first construction companies to specialise in the processing of high-grade steel, including S690. The company has since built up an outstanding reputation within this domain.

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